How To Make Lucky Paper Stars

promWhen I visited Korea eons ago I learned about a “phenomenon” SWEEPING THE NATION. Not really, but all my cousins had these in their rooms.

They were paper stars! These are super easy to make once you get the hang of it, and make great gifts if you put them in jars. I personally think this is a really cute ad thoughtful gist since lots (lots) of time can go into making all these stars,
Best thing about this craft is, you have to try really really hard to mess it up.

The only materials you need for this project are long strips of paper, those are going to become your stars.

The first step is to “weave” your strip of paper into  something that resembles the breast cancer ribbon. Like this…



The second step is to tuck the smaller piece, which is behind the strip, and pull it through the loop. Flatten the paper.



The third step is to tuck the leftover smaller piece of paper into the “body”. It should look like a pentagon.


The fourth step is to just keep folding the bigger piece of paper around the pentagon (not too tightly) and keep tucking.



The firth step is to tuck the leftover small piece into the small body. It’s its too small to fit cut it off and try to tuck that piece in. (Kind of hard to explain but I hope the picture helps.)



The sixth step is the most CRUCIAL PART!!! (It helps if you have nails to do this.) Now that you have your little baby pentagon, push in the middle part in between the points of the shape. If done right, it should create a dent that causes the middle to raise a bit. Once you do this to all sides, you’re done!!


If you keep at it, you’ll have an entire jar of lucky stars!

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