UntitledThat picture isn’t about a girl having to choose between two guys I swear.

It’s (supposed) to be about teamwork!
I’ve always been someone who prefers to work alone but I have to do a long term project in english with partners, and maybe  I do like working with partners.Obviously it’s a given that no one, NO ONE, likes working with people that don’t do work but I’m not talking about that. I just prefer to work by myself because I don’t have to explain things to people or be responsible for doing something wrong. (I would be the worst teacher.) However, in my english class we have this “big debate” that involves working with a group and I felt good about it! I liked working in my group, mainly because they were my friends but also because we all seemed to understand the questions and each other. Not trying to get too sappy but I liked working in this group.
I think I’m still someone who prefers to work alone but there are some exceptions.

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