All Quiet On The Western Front Made Me Sad

aqowf-new-coverA few weeks ago my english class finished All Quiet On The Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, we actually started a new novel but anyway. To sum it up in one sentence this book is about a German soldier fighting in WW1 and it made me really sad.

It made me so sad that I had a hard time finishing the book. I’m not trying to be dramatic but it was a sad story. From the middle of the story onward there is the constant reminder from the narrator that soldiers who have experienced war will never be normal again. They can’t function like they used to and they don’t “feel” like normal people. At the end of the book I felt myself really sympathetic towards the main character because there was no good end. This story had no “good” end.
There was a part in the book where the main character, Paul, goes on temporary leave back home only to realize that everything that brought him joy before, didn’t anymore. He couldn’t talk to his family like he used to, and he only felt at “home” with his fellow soldiers at war.
I don’t think I could endure living like that, or trying to live like that. I became really sympathetic to all the characters, especially Paul because we got more insight into his mind, and I almost felt what they were feeling. It felt really hopeless and near the end of the book that’s really all you feel. There was a feeling of resolution at the end of the book but at the same time there isn’t.
It was a good book. And Sad. But good. But still sad.

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