crushhhhIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times. You can tell because I draw stuff life this.


I’m pretty sure these drawings are over a year old and I don’t like looking at old drawing, but I am for the sake of this post. That line from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities has applied to almost everything I have ever made. If you don’t know by now I draw for myself so you’re seeing a part of me, or how I’m feeling, or how my day went in my drawings. You also see what I’m inspired by at that moment. I draw a lot at the best of times and a lot at the worst of times because that’s when I “feel” the most. I can’t find myself drawing when my day is okay because I have nothing to motivate me.
In class we had a discussion about the first sentence in A Tale of Two Cities and my first evaluation was that it was telling the same story from two perspectives and that applies to me. I may not be exactly telling people what happened that day but they can (hopefully) get an idea by looking at these pictures.


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2 Responses to IT WAS…

  1. Why are so talented??? Literally the best pieces of art (that aren’t from a fandom) that I’ve seen!

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