I Can Kind Of Dribble


I’m not a sports person. Nope!
I’m extremely weak to the point where you wonder if it’s possible to be that weak and I get scared when objects get thrown at me.
We watched this documentary in my english class and it made me with I was a “sports person.”
To me the most exciting aspect of sports is the feeling that you are a part of something. Obviously you’re not actually on the team but when you watch a game you feel the adrenaline that not only the players feel but the entire audience. People love the feeling of being a part of something. When you’re at a concert you are excited and pumped. Not only that but the whole audience is excited and screaming which gets you even more excited and start screaming. It’s contagious.
People like being part of the hype. Whether it’s sports, music, T.V., or people, people love to say that they were there when all of that happened.
This big english project we have to do is all that’s on my mind whenever I think on english. What can I do to make it successful? Our goal for the project isn’t to have it be successful, it’s to pursuit an idea. The thing is I don’t like failing and I want to try my best and not have this fail.

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