I’ll Eventually Become That Kind Of Person

romIf you sit in your room all night and not doing homework until 3 AM, you will not be successful.

Unless you are some sort of super genius, you will not pass your classes and your teachers wont remember you. Actually, they might, but not for good reasons.
At the very beginning of the year I was motivated to do better than I did last year in school. I was driven to do better in my classes and be more social. That went on for a good 3 weeks until things settled down and now I find myself in a rut. In the end I think “I’m just not that kind of person.” A person who I thought I wanted to be.
In my English class we have to do this big “innovation project” and for the longest time I had no idea what I wanted to do. Every idea I came up with fell short and I didn’t know why. Then I remembered a story my teacher told our class. He talked about a student of his who was really into metal. He told us that student loved music and even when he got an amazing SAT score, he went straight into the music industry and does something involving his passion. Sometimes I need to remember that I live for myself and the choices I make now affect me the most.
Unlike Oedipus, I can change my fate. I can decide whether I live with my parents for the rest of my life or become someone I’m happy to be. I may not be the smartest and I’m not a social butterfly, but I need to remember that the person I want to be isn’t an outgoing genius. I just want to not regret the choices I make now. I can’t sit around at 3 AM not doing my homework and complain about how I wont be successful.


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5 Responses to I’ll Eventually Become That Kind Of Person

  1. Wow, this is a fantastic post! I agree with everything you said because I’m the same way. Sometimes I feel like I need to be the social butterfly as well, but I’m just not. I wonder why we, as people, always feel the need to fit in. We just need to be ourselves and we’ll find the people we do fit in with eventually.
    PS. I love your artwork!

  2. tigerfam1 says:

    You’re completely right and I feel lots of students today really waste their time and resources on unnecessary things that get in the way of their academics. I’ve been guilty of this as well, but I saw this video by Eric Thomas, and I feel its incredibly motivating to stop “3AM” procrastination:

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  4. Lauren says:

    I’m the same way. I have been trying to not being a procrastinator, but it is difficult. I love this post, by the way.

    • rosedwater says:

      It’s hard to come home and not do anything for 3 hours!! School becomes repetitive and it takes extreme motivation to change this pattern of procrastination haha. Thank you for your comment! 🙂

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