Stressful Week

ImageHonestly, it’s only Tuesday and I’m tired and stressed. Who’s fault is this? Mine!
While reading Oedipus one line really stood out to me. It was when Oedipus asks Theseus to bury him and not disclose to anyone where he is going to be buried. He tells Theseus:

“For every nation that lives peaceably,
There will be many others to grow hard
And push their arrogance to extremes; the gods
Attend to these things slowly. But they attend
To those who put off God and turn to madness!”

I relate this most to my situation right now. Everyone else is the peaceful living nation and I’m that arrogant person pushing it to the extremes. (Okay, maybe not everyone is living peacefully.) Of course I’m talking about school. It’s not even halfway into the school year and I’m already slacking off and telling myself “I’ll do my homework tomorrow” or “I’ll do better on the test next week.” Soon I’ll feel the gods attending to my grades slowly, maybe even quicker if I put them off more.

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