Wacky World And What I Did Wrong

IMG_0003In my English class we talked about bad ideas relating to a project we are doing. Immediately I thought to myself “my art.”

The thought wasn’t related to the activity we did in class but it just was stuck in the back of my head.
I say this because every single time I used to draw something, and I mean every single time, I thought to myself right after “bad idea.” This is because in my head I had and idea that I wanted to do, but I couldn’t do it. When I really thought about it I realized that my ideas weren’t necessarily bad, I just did a terrible job executing them, or I would get exhausted and give up.
This got me thinking, what does it take to execute and idea the right way? Because let me tell you something I drew this in 2nd grade and I remember being so proud.

cute wild wack animals were actually a part of a collection of characters I had in a world called Wacky World, most commonly spelled Wacy Wold, and Waky Wold. There were more characters such as Pencil Man (pretty obvious) and Slurper (Half fish half dog that lives in a fish bowl.) I wanted to make a book of all my Wacky World characters so bad, but how? I was running out of room in the back of my planner where I was drawing my cute wild wack animals! Lack of resources eventually lead to me becoming bored and abandoning the idea.
This get’s me thinking, what can you do to execute an idea, and keep the idea exciting.

  1. First lesson I learned from Wacky World, resources and ability to execute idea correctly will keep the idea from rotting away.
  2. Second lesson, make sure you actually care about the idea.

This isn’t groundbreaking information but it’s something I’m telling myself to keep in mind.
Try not to do something you can’t do, and don’t do something you don’t want to.
If I was as creative as I was when I was in 2nd grade I would try to make Wacky World a real book, but sadly I’m not, and honestly I don’t think I could top some of the ideas I had.


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3 Responses to Wacky World And What I Did Wrong

  1. This cycle of wanting to accomplish things you can’t and looking back on old work and feeling like it was “bad” is all part of being an artist/creative. There should always be a healthy desire to accomplish things you can’t yet. That is what motivates you to keep working at it. There should also be a healthy dose of feeling silly about older work. It shows that you have matured as an artist. But these things should be accepted as normal, not normalized. Don’t let those become the focus of your artistic/creative life. Try to allow time to enjoy the place you are in your development right now. Breath in it for a bit and then let yourself look forward to the next challenge with excitement.

    I’ve seen your drawings, I know you could approach Wacky World and make something really impressive. But maybe that’s just not a project that “speaks to you” right now. Find one that does and give it your best shot. Even if it falls short, I’ll bet you will learn something valuable from the process.

    • rosedwater says:

      Thank you so much for this comment! I made this post because it was actually exciting to look back at all the things I came up with. I don’t think I am as creative now as I was back then! I always like looking back at my old sketches or drawings because I remember the feeling I had when making them, i felt a rush of adrenaline drawing things like Pencil Man!

      Again I really appreciate this comment because for the past few days I’ve been stuck creatively. I sometimes get the feeling I’m not improving at all and I don’t draw because I don’t see the point in creating the same things over and over, but I’ve planted the idea that I should just enjoy the place I am right now and just take a breath!
      I’ve been drawing a lot more now and even though I feel a little repetitive I’ve definitely learned some new things!

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